Stunning Beachfront Land on Koh Mak, Thailand


For Sale or Joint Venture Development

This wonderful piece of prime beachfront land is located
on Koh Mak, one of the most beautiful tropical islands
in Thailand with white sands and stunning clear blue waters.

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Land For Sale or Joint Venture Development


The Property is ideally suited for Development of:
• Large Luxury Beach Resort with Spa
• Exclusive Village with Luxury Beach Villas
• Condominiums
• Clinic for Detox, Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Private Airstrip for easy access
• Sports, Leisure and Commercial Facilities

The Property is ideally suited for Development of:
• Large Luxury Beach Resort with Spa
• Exclusive Village with Luxury Beach Villas
• Condominiums
• Clinic for Detox, Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Private Airstrip for easy access
• Sports, Leisure and Commercial Facilities
Aerial Views

• Wide sandy beach, hundreds of meters long
• 430,000 m² of land, subdivideable
• Exclusive Privacy
• Easy access by ferry/road, or by air
• Ready for development
The spectacular sandy beach on this property
is one of the top beaches in the entire region,
with gorgeous views to the surrounding islands.

The entire seafront of this Property is over 1 km long.
Location of the Land
To get more information about Koh Mak location click here: “Location & Profile”

The land is located on the north eastern tip of the island with views of Koh Kradat, Koh Nok, Koh Nok Nok and the very scenic, mountainous Koh Chang to the north west as well as the hills of the mainland to the east.

The property boasts a bay with sandy beach, a
large sand bank, a small peninsula, covered in
lush vegetation, formed out of black lava rock and
a green fringe of coconut palms along its entire
1 km sea frontage.


The property boasts a bay with sandy beach, a large sand bank, a small peninsula, covered in lush vegetation, formed out of black lava rock and a green fringe of coconut palms along its entire 1 km sea frontage.
The Land Plots
Koh Mak Paradise - Land For Sale

The total land area is approx. 270 Rai, currently divided into:

1. Resort Beach Front Plot20 Rai32,000 m²
2. Beach Front Plot90 Rai 144,000 m²
3. Inland Plot 70 Rai112,000 m²
4. Possible Airfield / Inland Plot75 Rai 120,000 m²
5. Sea Access Plot3.25 Rai 5,200 m²
6. Private Streets11 Rai17,600 m²
or all together 1-6270 Rai 430,800 m²
These land plots can be further subdivided, and partial sales of such subdivisions can be considered.
All of these land plots bear “Chanote” land titles, which is the highest ranking type of land title in Thailand, and thus suitable for all kinds of development.
Development Scenario
Development Scenario

Depending on the desired density and luxury level of the resort development, this land is ideally suitable for
development of:

The centerpiece of this spectacular Property should be a

Luxury Beach Resort

  • 150 to 200 keys (room units), including:
    – Pool Villas
    – Family Villas
    – Presidential Villa (with own Spa and Butler service)
  • – Mix of Superior, Deluxe, Grand Deluxe, Oceanview, Suite and Junior Suite rooms
  • generous Gardens & Water Ponds
  • Reception Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • various Restaurants and Bars
  • Recreation Facilities such as Spa, Gym, Health Center
  • MICE Meeting and Conference Rooms, Business Center
  • Kids Playgrounds,
  • Back of House Facilities, such as staff housing, maintenance, gardening, laundry areas, emergency power generator etc.

Note on Luxury Rating

Generally, it is recommended to focus the resort on a 4+ star level, since this is the most likely to attract a large customer base with reasonable operating cost and good sales rates. However, it is also possible to consider 5 star, or even higher rating considering the attractive location.

In addition to a hotel resort, there is ample spare land to develop:

A Village

with 100 – 150 generous Beach Villas, each with swimming pool and generous gardens, water features, etc.
Condominium Buildings
with 150 condo units (or even more) of different sizes
Sports Facilities
Tennis courts, Golf driving range, Tree climbing park, Basketball court, Football field, …
Commercial Spaces
for Shops of all kinds, such as: fashion & swimwear boutique, watersports & dive shop, beauty salon, souvenirs, food and beverage, tour & travel agents etc.
to airlift customers from Bangkok or other destinations

Health Focus

Integrated Health Center, Clinic for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), for Detox, for care of Elderly, etc.
Optionally, the entire development could be focused on health care; higher room rates can be achieved, and additional
income from medical services can improve the top and baseline considerably.

Development Phases

Phase 1Construction of the Beach Resort Bungalows,
• Restaurant/Bar and Reception
• Spa
• Landing pier for boats
• Airstrip
• Some Staff housing and back of house infrastructure

  ➔ Start operating as a Bungalow Beach Resort.
    Minimum no. of rooms to start operating: 50 keys.
Phase 2Construction of Hotel Buildings, with
• 120 rooms & suites,
• MICE, etc.
• Some of the Sports/ Recreation Areas
• Health Area

Consider combining Phases 1 and 2 into one single effort.
Phase 3Sale and Construction of Beach and Pool Villas, either
• Build upfront with standard outfit, or
• Build on demand, off plan.

• The hotel operation will serve as marketing tool for the sale of the villas.
• The Villas can optionally be sold with a Hospitality/ Rental Pool package, e.g. with
   guaranteed returns of X% for Y years.
Phase 4Sale and Construction of
• Condo Buildings,
• Commercial Spaces,
• Construction of further recreation and sports facilities.

• The hotel operation will serve as marketing tool for the sale of the Condo units.
• The Condo Units can optionally be sold with a Hospitality/Rental Pool package, e.g. with
   guaranteed returns of X% for Y years.

Layout Plan

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Comprehensive Business Plan
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Layout Plan 3D Aerial Views

Koh Mak Location and Profile

Koh Mak is located approx. 320 km south of Bangkok, the Koh Chang archipelago, approx. 20 km south of Koh Chang and 25 km from the nearest point on the mainland.

Koh Mak is a cross shaped island at the centre of this beautiful, tropical island world. Due to its location, all other islands in the archipelago and all dive and snorkeling spots can easily be reached from Koh Mak by small boat or personal water craft.
The island itself, due to its shape, has 4 distinct, large bays, all with long sandy beaches. In fact Koh Mak boasts the best coast line to sand beach ratio of all inhabited islands in the archipelago.
The 27 km coast line abounds with beaches which are wide, long and sandy and the waters are crystal clear. There are currently approx. 20 resorts on Koh Mak, catering to Thai tourists, western Back Packers and Families.
Koh Mak is flat compared to its larger sister islands of Koh Chang to the north and Koh Kood to the south. Nevertheless it has low rolling hills and thanks to its cross shape, while traveling the island’s good road system, any time you reach higher grounds you have sea view in one or multiple directions.
The Koh Chang archipelago consists of 57 tropical islands.
Koh Kood to the south has been designated for ultra high end development. The first top rated properties have already started operations, such as the Soneva Kiri (Evason Group). The Soneva Kiri resort operates an airport on the smaller island of Koh Maisi Lek, just off Koh Kood, located just 5 km from Koh Mak.

Successful Luxury Resorts in the Area

The islands around Koh Mak already boast a number of very successful resort developments, while Koh Mak objectively speaking remains more attractive considering its landscape and the relaxed holiday ambiance, and it location and beaches.

Emerald Cove in Koh Chang

  • This award-winning and flagship resort set on Koh Chang’s secluded Klong Prao Beach offers 165 rooms and suites, all with views of either the sea or the jungle-covered hills.
    While the soothing modern Thai interiors of the rooms and suites tempt guests to relax inside, its outdoor areas are no less attractive: from the open area reception wandering over wooden bridges across the ponds, by the huge 50m
  • lap swimming pools to the beach with its shadow-spending palmtrees, the spa and beach bar. The resort offers a huge variety of food and beverage choices through its 5 top rated restaurants. Average occupancy throughout the year stands at 70%.
    Stars: 5

Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood

  • The Soneva Kiri on Koh Kood is an ultra-luxury villa resort boasting average rates per villa of THB 35,000 (USD 1,000)/ night. The average occupancy is 60-65% over the year.

    Soneva Kiri comprises 36 ultra-spacious pool villas, ranging in size from one to six bedrooms, and all offering the highest standard of luxury and privacy at this one-of-a-kind island hideaway. All villas feature beautifully-designed interiors made from the highest quality sustainable materials, and are carefully designed to blend seamlessly into the island’s outstanding natural beauty.
  • Soneva Kiri operates its own private airport on a smaller neighbouring island to transfer its guests, i.e. after the flight, guests must transfer with a shuttle to the boat pier, and from there by speedboat to the Resort.
    Koh Kood island is located approx. 7km south-east of Koh Mak. A speedboat trip from the Koh Mak Property to Soneva Kiri will be approx. 25 min.

    Stars: 5+
Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood

Siam Royal View in Koh Chang

  • Siam Royal View Koh Chang is located in a spectacular peninsular location boasting more than 2 km of waterfront, most of which sandy beaches. It started as a private luxury villa project (beach and pool villas), and has been extended to include several hospitality outlets such as restaurants and bars, 2 beach (hotel) resorts, condo developments, a yacht marina, and a pitch & putt golf course. Siam Royal View Koh Chang won several awards in Thailand for its developments,
  • among which “Best Villa Development (Eastern Seaboard)”. Today, the complex comprises approx. 150 keys (still growing with ongoing developments) with an average occupancy of approx. 60%.
    Stars: 4+


Koh Mak The Paradise Island

Koh Mak is a true paradise island
  • Koh Mak won a spot in the international Travel & Leisure Magazines top 10 Islands World Wide, and was also added to the Top Ten Beaches in the World list of the British newspaper the Sunday Times. The island is about 16km² in size and is one of the safest places in the world.
    Koh Mak is a relatively new island destination and still is a well kept secret for most travelers. The island has maintained its unspoiled natural charm and beauty. The local government is committed to ensure that development on the island proceeds in a sustainable manner, thus will remain unspoilt from the negative effects of mass tourism. Koh Mak is a quiet place for people who are looking for a relaxing holiday.
    Thanks to a well developed paved road network, it is easy to get across the various parts of the island, and yet there is almost no traffic, since tourists are not allowed to bring their cars to the island, adding to the laid back feeling throughout the island. The island has beautiful nature which is perfect for hiking trips. The Marine Park surrounding Koh Mak has some of the best selection of marine life Thailand has to offer.

Koh Mak and its Neighbouring Islands

Koh Mak is flat compared to its larger sister islands of Koh Chang to the north
and Koh Kood to the south. Nevertheless it has some low rolling hills which
offer breathtaking views in one or even multiple directions.
Koh Mak Neighbouring Islands
Koh Mak is the center of a sub-group of 9 islands, consisting of Koh Mak, Koh Kradat, Koh Kham, Koh Rayang Nok, Koh Rayang Nai, Koh Phi, the islets of Koh Nok and Koh Nok Nok off the northern tip of Koh Kradat and a small rocky islet off the east coast of Koh Kradat having multiple names.
Koh Kradad, 1.1 km across the water from the Koh Mak land site, is completely surrounded by 7 km of perfect sand beaches and endless coral reefs. The island boasts a secure marina basin. The two small islets to the north are connected to Koh Kradat by sand banks, providing spectacular scenery and great snorkelling.
Koh Kham, just around the corner from the project site was voted as one of Thailands Top 10 Most Scenic Beaches by Thai Travel Magazine due to its extraordinary black volcanic rocks randomly dropped on the snow white sands of its beaches and large sand bank.
These islands form a tropical paradise with beaches, bays and scenery which can compete at an international level, with picture postcard scenes rarely found even in the Pacific or the Caribbean. All this natural beauty can be reached by small sports boat, hobbycat, windsurfer, personal water craft or one of the abundant longtail boats.
A short boat ride to the west, lies the island group of Koh Rang with its spectacular beaches, and small satellite islands famous for their beauty and intact, world class coral reefs along with an abundance of marine life.
To the north, Koh Chang and the southern islands off Koh
Chang can easily be reached by small boat, and to the south also accessible within 15 minutes is Koh Kood with its perfect white beaches, crystal clear lagoons, lush tropical forests and spectacular  waterfalls.

Koh Mak Administration and Economy

Koh Mak Beach - Administration and Economy
The Koh Mak island group is politically part of the Koh Kood subdistrict administrative organisation. However all relevant administrative offices, including a post office, are located on the island. Contrary to Koh Chang, Koh Mak is not inside the Koh Chang National Marine Park.

Therefore more of the island’s 16 km2 of landmass has land titles and will therefore sooner or later be developed due to its central location within the Chang archipelago.
In fact a small colony of foreigners have already acquired bits and pieces of land and made Koh Mak their home. Also the first small real estate project on the island is sold out and new phases have been launched. There is no doubt that Koh Mak will develop sooner or later into a high end real estate and resort island.
Koh Mak is largely covered by para-rubber and coconut plantations and thus green all year round. Administration and public infrastructure of the island lie at its centre. Shops, petrol stations, a school, a temple and a hospital can be found there. More shops, restaurants and bars are located at most resorts and others scattered around the island.
The flat topography of Koh Mak make it an ideal place for bicycles, electric scooters or golf carts for transportation. Koh Mak’s coast line has an abundance of small piers so transport by boat or personal water craft is a viable option. Contributing to Koh Mak’s tranquil atmosphere is a lack of cars. Tourists and locals mainly travel by scooter or mountain bike. It is ideally suited for usage of fully electric cars, given its infrastructure and government orientation to green development.

Activities around Koh Mak

There is plenty to see on Koh Mak with it’s 10,000 palm  trees, a Buddhist temple,  three fishing villages, a health center, a primary school,  over 20 resorts, a few shops  and restaurants.
Popular activities include windsurfing, padding,  swimming or trying one of the new bicycle tracks around the island. There are also plenty of guided tour boat trips to visit neighboring islands. You can of course chose to relax in a hammock or get a traditional Thai massage.

Restaurants, Hotels
Across the island, many resorts and restaurants of all types and levels can be found, offering a variety of choices to visitors.
Scuba Diving / Snorkeling / Fishing
Currently 2 scuba diving companies are operating on the island. Snorkeling and fishing tours can be booked from many operators and with commercial fishermen.
Sailing, Windsurfing, Motorboat
The seas around Koh Mak are ideally suited to indulge in all sorts of watersports, including sailing, windsurfing, and motorboat.
Bicycle, Walking Tours
The roads and walkways of Koh Mak are very laid back with very little slow road traffic, and thus create a paradise both for bycicle enthusiasts, and for hikers. There are a few hills, offering spectacular views, but the rest of the island is rather plane.
Island Hopping, Exploring
There are quite a few spectacular islands around Koh Mak; some very small, some larger, some with a resort / restaurant on them, some uninhabited. All of them offer an exclusive, clean feeling away from the masses that can be found in other tourist
Right across from the property is Koh Kradat island. This is a private island with spectacular beaches, but visitors are very welcome. The island is populated by hundreds of deers. The distance from the property to Koh Kradat is just 1km, thus this can be done even by canoe or paddle boat.
Health Care
Apart from 2 public hospitals, numerous clinics and 2 private hospitals on Koh Chang, the Bangkok Trat Hospital on the mainland, Koh Mak has its own island clinic.
Bangkok Hospital Helicopter will be available to airlift patients to Trat, Bangkok or Pattaya in an emergency.
Koh Mak Tropical Paradise Island

Koh Mak Infrastructure


Electricity is provided by undersea cable from the mainland.
EGAT already provides electricity to the property, the capacity of which can be increased.
However, large developments should consider to install gensets for emergency operation.
There is no centralized water processing on Koh Mak, but water underground is abundant, wells can be drilled to access aquifers under the property.
• Fixed net: main provider TOT is available to service developments with broadband service.
• Mobile: coverage is excellent on the island with 3G and 4G, operated by AIS.

The local government has invested heavily into roads
over the past years. The road infrastructure can be described
as excellent, also the roads to access the property.
Road traffic is very laid back, which allows all of Koh Mak to serve as one big, perfect bycicle lane.
Local Authorities
The local authorities on Koh Mak are very supportive of
developments on the island.
It is their declared policy trying to attract:
• International resort developers
• Quality tourism
• Eco tourism
• Yachting operators
• Air traffic or other transportation operators

Koh Mak Transportation

Public Transportation:
The typical arrival to Koh Mak is by

• Bangkok Airline flight from Bangkok to Trat airport (40 minutes).
• Transfer from Trat airport by minivan buses to the Laem Ngop or
Laem Sok ferry piers
• Speedboat or high speed catamaran service to Koh Mak

or by
• Minivan or bus from Bangkok to Laem Ngop or Laem Sok Ferry pier
• Public speedboat or high speed catamaran service to Koh Mak

However, many hotel resorts on Koh Mak operate their own speedboats, by which they pick up guests from one of the ferry piers on the mainland and take them directly to the resort’s own pier for more convenience.

The government is currently in the planning to provide airlift access to the islands of the archipelago, including Koh Mak, by establishing seaplane airports. Two domestic airline operators have expressed interest in servicing the area.
However, for a major Resort project, the following may be the preferred ways of arrival for Guests:

Koh Mak transport at the pier
Private Transportation:
Resort Speed Boats / Vans
The Resort can operate its own minivans, picking guests up either at Trat airport or Bangkok airport and take them to one of the mainland ferry piers (or have a contract with a mainland minivan operator to take care of such guests).

The Resort can operate its own fleet of speedboats that pick guests up at one of the ferry piers on the mainland and takes guests directly to the resort’s own landing pier. The speedboats may also serve for sightseeing, island hopping, snorkeling tours offered by the resort.

For self-driving guests, the resort may arrange for private resort parking area with parking security service at one of the ferry piers on the mainland (e.g. at Laem Ngop pier), from where guests are picked up with the resort’s own speedboats directly to the resort landing pier.

By Private Airplane

The Land for Sale is large enough and ideally suitable for developing a private airport, similar to the private airport on the neighbouring island of Koh Maisi Lek, operated by the Soneva Kiri Resort.

The airstrip is aligned with the prevailing wind direction, thus allowing for smooth take-offs and landings. Airplanes available for commercial Charter to this type of destination are turboprop Cessna Caravan (10 seater) or similar airplanes. A flight from Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) will take approx. 1 hour.

Shuttle bus on Koh Mak island
Koh Mak transport at the pier
By Private SuperYacht

The large pier in Ao Nid is just 1 km from the property. The
pier is public and can be used free of charge (as of now).

The pier is T-shape, 200 m long, at the tip 60 m wide with
water depth at low tide that allows landing at the pier even
for the largest superyachts in the region.

Cars and Vans

For tourists, it is generally not possible to bring their own
cars onto Koh Mak island.

Property owners and resorts are allowed to bring and operate their own vehicles on the island.

Given the size and shape of the island, it would be possible for the resort to operate local ransportation fully with
electric vehicles for eco friendly image, supporting the local government’s objectives of green development / low
carbon footprint.

Koh Mak transport at the pier

Koh Mak – Look and Feel

View from Koh Mak towards Koh ChangKoh Mak Look and Feel - Pier
Unlike other resort islands such as Phuket, through the stringent implementation of nature conservation regulations and building codes, the Koh Chang island group is experiencing healthy yet strong development.
Under such codes no construction at all is allowed, within 20 m of the ocean front property line, only 1 story buildings are allowed up to the 50 m line and only 3 story buildings after that.
Koh Mak is developing in the same direction as Koh Chang and will allow for a more diverse beach life due to the flat topography where different beaches can be accessed with ease, even at night.
Koh Mak is still largely undeveloped, comparable to Koh Chang approx. 10 years ago.
Contrary to Koh Chang 10 years ago, all of Koh Mak can be accessed on surfaced roads and all of Koh Mak has access to electricity. The main port on the island at Ao Nid has just completed construction of a large modern pier to accommodate expected growth.
Multiple other infrastructure projects are ongoing and the island has full access to mainland electricity grid.


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